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$45.0 Million.

Pedestrian and Mother of four killed by motor vehicle collision

$36.4 Million.

Truck collided into car causing paralysis

$25 Million.

Passengers in a vehicle which collided with a truck on a highway.

$9.6 Million.

Wrongful Death of young woman from a defective airbag.

$7.5 Million.

Bus struck pedestrian causing limb amputation

$7.0 Million.

Serious Injuries sustain by faulty tires

$6.4 Million.

Truck struck motorcyclist causing permanent disability

$6.0 Million.

Reckless driver struck car causing
brain damage

$4.1 Million.

Taxi struck motorcyclist causing

$3 Million.

Driver made unsafe left hitting motorcyclist causing amputation

$2.5 Million.

Unsafe driver struck car causing multiple injuries

$2.25 Million.

Passenger in vehicle which collided with vehicle making left turn.

$2.1 Million.

Drunk driver caused life threatening injuries

$1.85 Million.

Reckless boat driver struck another boat resulting in death

$1.6 Million.

Bus struck pedestrian causing death

$1.5 Million.

Rearend collision caused serious injuries

$1.3 Million.

Boat Accident

$1.2 Million.

Car ran stop sign causing life altering injuries

$1.1 Million.

Car struck car causing significant back surgery

$1.0 Million.

Truck struck pedestrian causing major internal injuries


Car vs. Car accident with several injuries


Truck vs. Truck – One truck failed to yield to oncoming traffic entering a freeway, striking another truck. Liability was contested, but through the use of forensic experts, the plaintiff prevailed.


Motorcycle vs. Truck – A truck failed to see a motorcycle, running over the bike and rider from the rear. The defendant claimed the motorcycle cut in front of him. Through the use of expert witness, the plaintiff (the injured party) prevailed in court for his substantial damages.


Auto vs. Auto – The plaintiff was a passenger, and the driver of the car he was in, was at fault for the accident. The plaintiff required an operation to his back, and required future medical care.


Dog Bite – Our client was attacked by
a dog causing injuries and scars to
her arm.


Freeway Design Flaw/Bus vs. Auto – The client was a passenger on a bus, and the bus negligently collided with a car. The car was at fault, but it was also determined that due to faulty design of the highway, the client was able to also collect damages against the State of California.


Pedestrian vs. Auto – A pedestrian was lawfully crossing the street, when he was struck by a car that went through a stop sign.


Motorcycle vs. Auto – A car switched lanes and struck a motorcyclist.


Truck vs. Train – Plaintiff was a passenger in a truck that unsafely crossed the railroad tracks, and was struck by a train.


Auto vs. Auto – A driver was stopped at a red light and was struck from behind by another motor vehicle.


Pedestrian vs. Auto – A jogger was struck by a motorist who went out of control.


Bicycle vs. Auto – A motorist failed to see the plaintiff on his bike, struck him, and the client needed knee surgery


Passenger in Auto – A motor vehicle made an unsafe left turn in front of the client’s car.


Passenger vs. Train – A passenger in a train received injuries from the unsafe maneuvers of a train.


Auto vs. Auto – A motor vehicle ran a red light, striking the clients car, causing soft tissue (neck & back sprain) injuries.


Auto vs. Auto – A motorist made unsafe lane change on the freeway, and the client luckily sustained minor injuries.

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